marathi serial jeevlaga Today Episode 15 July 2019

marathi serial jeevlaga
Jeevlaga Today Episode

The marathi serial jeevlaga has just started on ‘Star Stream’ channel. But in the short run this series has left an impression on the mind of the audience. There is a strong star cast in Swapnil Joshi, Amrita Khanvilkar, Siddharth Chandekar, Madhura Deshpande. At present, ‘Jivala’ series has reached a decisive turn. The legal suspicion about the love of Ka’ee and Nikhil is finally true. This is definitely a shocking story.


Just a few cases have happened in the life of the rituals. The curiosity of deciding what to do in this difficult situation has increased. Just like the law, some stage is of faith. Although he has an idea about Ka’ee and Nikhil’s relationship, now he has decided to take concrete steps against this. The intriguing thing that can be seen in the following sections of the series ‘Jivlaga’ is that Kaavis and Nikhil are sure to believe in what they believe and what they decide to do.

In ‘Jiwalaga’ many aspects of the relationship will be seen by the exposed audience. A different genre of human nature and the manner of thinking and thinking about it are coming out from this story. Often, you understand the process of understanding and evaluating your relationship. We miss out on the estimation of the people we think. This story sheds light on these things. What is the power in love, it is also outline from this story. So this story feels to every audience in every household.

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