Kundali Bhagya Episode 16 July 2019

Kundali Bhagya 17 July

In the preceding episode of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi finds Sherlyn crying within the Luthra house. He tries to find out who all recognize the reality. Sherlyn calls up Karan and realises no person from the Luthra circle of relatives knows the reality but. Mahesh visits Preeta’s residence first to apologise to her own family and promises to carry her again to the Luthra residence with whole admire. Prithvi calls up one among his criminals Raka and asks him to kill Mahesh in a avenue coincidence.

In tonight’s episode, In this night’s episode, Mahesh asks Preeta to come with him to the Luthra residence to expose the entire reality. But Preeta refuses to move returned to the Luthra house. She says that she can simplest go back once everyone within the Luthra residence is aware of her truth.

She tells Mahesh that she has promised her mother that she will not meet the Luthra’s ever again. Mahesh says he respects Preeta’s promise. But he also promises Preeta that he’s going to make her his daughter-in-law. He also asks Preeta to not trust Prithvi and says he wishes to speak to Sarla about him.
Prtihvi tells Sherlyn that he have to depart earlier than the Luthras go back. Sherlyn desires to verify as soon as that Mahesh could be murdered. She calls up Raka and asks him if they found Mahesh. Raka says that his truck is right behind Mahesh. Sherlyn asks him to kill Mahesh in a manner that it seems like an accident and now not a homicide.

Raka asks Mahesh to trade his direction to attain quicker. Then while he has Mahesh on an empty unused street, Raka overtakes Mahesh and then turns round to hit him with the truck. Mahesh attempts to break out however Raka catches up and hits him in the head with an iron rod.

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