kumkum bhagya Episode 15 July 2019

Kumkum Bhagya 17 July

kumkum bhagya Episode 15 July 2019


In this night’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya Episode,

In the preceding episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea calls the police telling them that someone is selling tablets on the party. Pragya finds out that Sarita has advised Mr. Mehra to go to her. She asks Sarita to name him and ask him to no show up. Sarita doesn’t prevent Abhi however ask he is leaving the birthday party the police show up at his house. He attempts to stop them from entering but the police display him a search warrant and begin searching all the guests.

In this night’s episode, Rhea’s friends inform her that by way of mistake they put the medication in Shahana’s bag rather than Prachi. Rhea gets indignant. She throws the contents of Shahana’s bag on the floor. Her buddies quick select up the medication and drop it in Prachi’s bag who’s looking away to help Shahana.

When the police test Prachi’s bag they locate the drugs inner. Prachi is as shocked because the rest of the Mehra circle of relatives. Abhi tells the police that Prachi is innocent and he or she could by no means smuggle tablets. The police threaten to arrest him too. Abhi’s friend Vikram says they will supply Prachi bail however they can’t prevent the police.

Rhea is glad but she sees Abhi crying and receives indignant. Abhi tries to stop the police once more however they take Prachi and depart. Shahana follows them in a car with Abhi. Pragya calls up Rhea to discover what befell. Rhea says she forgot that she desired to ask Pragya for the birthday celebration too. Before Pragya can communicate to Prachi her telephone battery dies.
When Prachi reaches the police station the media the arrest. Sarita and Disha see that Prachi is arrested and get involved they try to call Pragya however can’t get through to her. Disha comes to a decision to go out and keep Prachi herself. They even ask Abhi questions about Prachi when he tells them that she is innocent.

Pragya’s automobile passes with the aid of the police station while Prachi is arrested. She stops the automobile whilst she thinks she sees Abhi, who’s being hounded through the media. Abhi too catches a glimpse of Pragya and tries to look for her but is blocked via umbrellas and those.

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