kumkum bhagya Episode 16 July 2019

Kumkum Bhagya 17 July

In the preceding episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea’s buddies cast off the medication from Shahana’s bag and vicinity them in Prachi’s. The police find drugs in Prachi’s bag and decide to arrest her. Prachi is reaching the Mehra Mansion to fulfill Rhea who she thinks is in hassle. Abhi attempts to stop the police however they arrest Prachi and placed her in prison. Abhi follows the police with Shahana in his vehicle.

In tonight’s episode, Pragya receives out of the auto to look Abhi close to the police station. She gets within the car and is going away. Abhi too returns to the police station where he tries speaking to the police inspector. The inspector gets angry at Abhi when he attempts to attack him. He places Abhi in prison too.

Purab is going to the bed room to apologise to Aliya for telling her the truth. He notices that Aliya has eaten slumbering pills and rushes her to the medical institution. In a rush he gets into an coincidence with some other automobile and reveals out that character inside the car is Disha. Purab takes each of them to the clinic.

When they attain the health center Purab rushes each of them to the physician. Whe fills out the paperwork he calls Disha his spouse and names Aliya as his relative. The receptionist points out this mistake and Purab says it isn’t always a mistake. He asks the health practitioner to ensure that both Aliya and Disha are unharmed.
Ranbir and Vikram enter the police station and discover Abhi is locked up too. Ranbir comes to a decision to yell at the inspectors but Vikram calms him down. Vikram tries to the inspector generally and wish to release each of them. Pragya reaches the Mehra Mansion and hears that Rhea is arrested for having drugs.

Pragya gets irritated at Mira and then realises that Prachi is arrested. She rushes to the police station wherein Shahana is crying at the entrance. Pragya guarantees to unfastened Mr. Mehra and Prachi each.


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